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flyer for Ivy Watts event Ivy Watts to Speak at WMRHS to Area Youth Athletes

One of the most decorated collegiate athletes in the University of New Haven history, named the Female Distinguished Student-Athlete her senior year, Ivy Watts, to speak to North Country Youth on Mental Health. 

The System of Care office at SAU 36 is proud to host Ivy Watts, Founder of Beautifully Simply You for a presentation on Wednesday, August 21st from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the White Mountains Regional High School Auditorium. Ivy Watts is a University of New Haven and Boston College graduate and former student athlete who appeared to have it all together, graduating Summa Cum Laude and a top 30 finalist for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award, yet on the inside struggled daily with anxiety, self-worth and suicidal thoughts. Finally seeking help, Ivy, who is Mental Health First Aid certified, promotes mental wellness and reduces stigma around mental illness by sharing her story through public speaking and her blog, Beautifully Simply You. Ivy empowers others to speak their truths, know that they are not alone, learn the beauty of self-love and find the strength to keep fighting for their tomorrows.  Ivy went on to be chosen as 2015 Northeast-10 Conference Co-Woman of the year. A psychology major, she also excelled in the classroom, earning a 3.98 GPA. Despite all she accomplished, she felt it wasn’t enough.

In Ivy’s words; “It became a lot on me mentally to succeed,” Watts said. “When I wasn’t able to meet the goals I had for myself I tore myself down and it really hurt my self-esteem. Years afterward, I wasn’t able to deal with why I was so fearful all the time in terms of not being able to reach all the goals I want to reach and why I was beating myself down. I had a really bad lack of confidence, despite my perceived exterior.  That’s when I realized I had to talk with somebody.”

Ivy will be presenting about the importance of mental wellness at the White Mountains Regional High School at 6:00 - 8:00 pm on Wednesday, August 21st, 2019. This event is being promoted regionally to all youth athletes throughout Coos and Grafton Counties and will be supported by four youth athlete ambassadors from SAU 36 and SAU 20.   All student athletes, coaches, teachers and parents are encouraged to come to this FREE and highly anticipated event.