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WMRSD District Dialogue Issue 5
Congratulations 2019 Graduates! Never before have the graduates of WMRHS left so ready for college, career, and life! They’ve earned college credits, completed career credentials, worked in real internships, completed AP classes, led clubs, collected data for District-Wide redesign, played sports, performed on and off stage, participated in national and state competitions, and volunteered……all to make America better!
WMRSD System of Care - May 2019 Newsletter
WMRSD System of Care - May 2019 Newsletter
Another school year winds down and both staff and students are looking forward to summer vacation, warm weather and sunny days. I thought it might be a good time to look back at the activities and projects of the System of Care office and the good work happening in our SAU36 communities.
WMRSD Child Find Screening`
WMRSD Child Find Screening
WMRSD Child Find Screening For Children Ages birth-21 years of age Screening is a service provided to determine if a referral for special education evaluation is appropriate. Specialists will screen children’s overall development in the areas of cognitive ability, speech/language, motor, and social-emotional development. Read Less
Scott Holmes, LES Principal
WMRSD Welcomes Scott Holmes, LES Principal
Please join the White Mountain Regional School District in welcoming Scott Holmes as the Lancaster School Principal and Instructional Leader.
WMRSD District Dialogue Newsletter - Issue 4 Front Page
WMRSD District Dialogue Newsletter - Issue 4
It’s a pleasure to share this issue of the District Dialogue with our staff and community! The overall theme in this issue highlights our strategies and programs that support our students.
WMRSD Furniture Disposal Bid
The Arthur T. Paradice Career and Technical Education Center, at White Mountains Regional High School, and the White Mountains Regional School District Maintenance Department, is conducting a sealed bid auction of unused, surplus equipment and furniture.