Early Childhood Enhanced Care Coordination

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    Early Childhood Enhanced Care
Coordination Model
     MTSS-B Model - pyramid showing 3 tiers

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What is it?

Early Childhood Enhanced Care Coordination (ECC) is a coordination service model following the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Behavioral Health and Wellness (MTSS-B) that serves the needs of youth ages 3-7 and their families, coordinating and facilitating behavioral health supports.

The Model

Tier 1 -Family Resource Center: Offers a broad array of services including family support programs, parenting and child development classes and youth after-school activities to promote healthy lifestyles and relationships.

Tier 2 - Infant Mental Health Program: A program provided by the local community mental health center at Norther Human Services in which the family works wit staff to learn specific interventions to maximize the child's emotional, physical, social and cognitive well-being (a mental health diagnosis is required).

Tier 3 - Early Childhood Wraparound: A family-driven, youth supported planning process that brings together a community-based team to support families by developing and monitoring a Plan of Care that build on family strengths and needs to achieve their most valued outcomes.

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Who is Eligible?

  • Youth ages 3-7 years old
    SED or at risk of SED diagnosis
  • Family must reside in the SAU 36 school district
  • Qualifying scores from the Strengths & Difficulties (SDQ) Questionnaire and the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) assessment

    SDQ: ACE:
    0-16 Family Resource Center (FRC) 0-1 FRC
    17-19 Infant Mental Health (IMH) 2-3 IMH
    20-40 Wraparound 4+ Wraparound

  • The youth has lost or is at risk of losing placement from school or home.
  • The youth is not responding to supports that already exists; i.e., multi-system involvement (change is not happening).